Kendra’s first post

Published November 10, 2011 by kendrajames4

Well here we go. This is my first post, and as I have spent the day with a sick friend, it will be short.

First, huge congratulations to all the Soul Mate authors will books out so far, and especially todays new releases.

My upcoming (Nov 23  YEAH) release of When Hearts Collide, will be my first book published and I am excited to see it live and thrilled to join all the other great Soul Mate authors. I want to thank Debby for her support, encouragement and her quick response to any questions thrown her way.

The road to getting published can be long and bumpy, but it is so worth the ride.

I was so thrilled to open the email and find that I was being offered a contract. Sometimes, I still have to pinch myself that it is really happening. I have been published for my poetry, and won a short story contest for the first chapter of a youth novel in progress, but it is not the same. Especially when you see the cover art and your name there for the world to see.

This book validates all the years of writing and I’m glad I persisted. It is so easy to give up on our dreams when life, criticism, and self-doubt litter the road.

I hope the success we authors have had will be encouragement for all the pre-published authors out there to continue to follow their own dreams.

It can happen.

Kendra James



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