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Kendra on inspiration

Published January 25, 2012 by kendrajames4

Writers are often asked, “Where do you get your ideas?”

Where do I get them?


But then that leads to a problem for me. I have so many ideas surfing around in my brain it makes it very confusing about which one should I follow. Which one will lead me along enough of a twisting path that a reader would want to continue the journey with me accepting that they may have to suspend belief along the way.

I also need to find an idea that I will want to continue with to the end. I am a great starter. I have so many projects started, WIP’s that may never see the light of day. But this year I want to change that. I have resolutions. To name a few: I want to get my house in order, give away cloths and possessions I no longer need, clean up papers I have been letting pile up for years, give away some of the books that are flooding my house, and most importantly, to¬†organize my writing area so that I can find room to write. Hopefully, weeding through my house will make room for more to come into my life.

This year, I have goals. ¬†Concrete goals. The main one is to finish off all the WIP’s and get them out there so they can find a home. I plan on shooting an arrow for the sun and if I hit a few stars on the way, that is okay too.

Too lofty you say. Maybe.

But I have a dream. A dream of having my writing be the only job I need to sustain my lifestyle, all the techy gadgets I love and the travelling I want to do, not to mention all those books I want to write.

Remember all those ideas surfing around in my brain. Well, with a lot of will power, a heaping dose of inspiration, and an angel on my shoulder, I hope to give those ideas a voice.

So here’s to inspiration!

Kendra James (also writing as Bev Irwin)