Happy dancing in galoshes

Published November 30, 2011 by kendrajames4

Hello from London, Ontario, Canada. It is officially winter!

White stuff! Everywhere.

Yes, we had our first snowfall last night. Of course I’m not ready. Snow tires are sitting nicely wrapped in plastic in the garage. Is somebody going to put those things on?

I guess that would be me. But its only November in Canada. Why would I think I needed them yet. That might be one thing I should have taken off my ever expanding to do list.

But the snow (brrrr) came a day to late for me. Unfortunately, it followed twenty-four hours of rain that flooded my basement with five inches of water. I wondered why the cat was crying down there but wouldn’t come up to see me. He finally made it unscathed and still dry. Maybe If he’d been wet I might have discovered the water sooner.

Alas, I came home at 10:30 pm from seeing Breaking Dawn (what an eye opening ending) to find water up to the bottom step. I had to go buy cat food and litter as their containers were floating around the basement. My cats haven’t learned to swim yet.

Thank heavens for wonderful neighbors. Kate saw my basement light at 11:30 pm and called to see if I had any flooding. (I did in the spring) Moments later she appeared at my back door in her rubber boots and sweats. I would have put on my rubber riding boots but did I mention they were in the basement under the five inches of water. Barefoot and jeans turned up to the knees was my second option.

Kate and I worked at getting rid of the majority of the water until 1 am. Do you know that a fish tank tubing works great to siphon water? We thought ourselves very inventive at that time of night.

The water is pretty well gone now but I’m exhausted from the effort. I don’t even want to think about all the stuff down that I will have to sift through and throw out do to water damage.

I took a ‘me’ day from work to deal with the mess and maybe, just maybe, get some writing done. There are so many ideas floating (oops bad pun) around in my head that want to make it onto the page. After I have a snooze, and recuperate, I might just catch some of those elusive critters and stick them to a page.

Well, next week I’ll be doing the happy dance. (Hopefully not still in my galoshes.) My book, WHERE HEARTS COLLIDE,  will be coming out with Soul Mate Publishing on Dec 7th, and will be available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble shortly after that.

Today is the last day for the Soul Mate Author Contest, so leave a comment and get in line for some great prizes. The winner will be announced tomorrow. You might even win a copy of my book, or one of the other terrific books from the wonderful authors at Soul Mate. And if by some awful twist of fate you are not a romance reader, there are other great prizes to be won.

I’m off to check the basement again. Maybe it was all a bad dream and my basement will be dry as the proverbial bone. I did mention I like paranormal, didn’t I.

Kendra James


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